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Prices on the website are for unframed, unmatted work. Each work is individually created with hand-coated processes. No works are digitally printed. All works are essentially monoprints since no two are exactly alike, but iterations of each image may be printed in up to five unique prints (1/5). Chemigram works are only in editions of one (1/1). Editions are not all printed at the same time. Once the edition runs out, the original image will be destroyed.

Below is an example of a suggested framing option for the monochrome prints, a narrow black hardwood with a brushed silver inset. I recommend a natural (blonde) or brushed white wood frame for gum and casein bichromate. Brush-stroke borders can be hidden or revealed as desired. The image below is matted over the brush strokes but often tricolor gum work is matted with the borders showing. On some images I have chosen to reveal the borders on the website. Framing options are available; please inquire. 

Prints on the website are available for purchase via a PayPal button at the bottom of the image description where it says $ Purchase Options. Add $75 for shipping, handling, and insurance anywhere in the US. For shipping elswhere, please contact me before payment for shipping costs.

For questions related to purchasing prints, exhibiting works, licensing works, or purchasing books, I welcome inquiries via the contact page.



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